Understanding the Protection Needs of Law Enforcement and the Protection Needs of Everyday People

While we have already discussed the basic protections provided by body armor, there are still other important factors to consider when choosing the right vest or protective clothing, such as which types of soft armor or hard armor body protectors you need. For example, what are the different purposes of soft armor? And that soft armor should you use for your own personal protection, and that hard armor is the best choice for you to carry with you while you are traveling on your job? These are all very important questions that deserve attention, and we will discuss them below.

As already mentioned, soft armor can be split into three categories, firstly into soft armor types, then hard armor types, and finally into light weight/comfortable vests, that offer minimal protection for your torso. As most of you may already know, bullet proof vests are divided further into three different categories, depending on its protection capabilities. As have already explained the protection capabilities of each type of bullet proof vest, now we will discuss the difference between lightweight and heavyweight soft armor. Lightweight soft armor will offer you some protection against everyday wear and tear, as well as providing minimal protection against law enforcement baton rounds and high velocity shooters.

Finally, here are the three main categories of bullet proof vest or garments, which include: leather chest protectors, soft armor/body armors, and hard armor/body armors. In our next articles, we will discuss each of these types in detail and take a closer look at their advantages and disadvantages. We hope that you will find this information helpful in helping you make the best selection, for your needs!