How Is Soft Armor Different From Hard Armor Plates?

For years, we have been told that if you were attacked with a deadly weapon that you should not try to fight back. We are supposed to arm ourselves with only the most effective weapons, and then run like crazy trying not to be hit, right? Well, there are those who argue that we should arm ourselves with the most effective self-defense tools available to protect ourselves, and the people we love. So, what are these different kinds of body armor?

There are actually three main types of self-protection gear that are commonly available on the market today. These are hard armor plates, soft armor, and hard protective shields. Hard armor inserts are actually materials inserted into your soft armor, while hard protective shields are actual items you put over your hard armor. Obviously, soft armor is going to be cheaper than hard armor, but both provide good amounts of protection and are easy to adjust. These days, newer technology is being added to hard armor inserts so that the user can choose the kind of insert they want and install it onto their vest easily.

Soft vests and hard plates are designed to work in conjunction with one another. Soft vests will help to soak up the impact from a potentially violent encounter, and hard plates will help to keep you safe in a potentially violent situation. If you feel that you might need this kind of protection for yourself, you should definitely look into getting one of these protective armors.